Trying to catch-up here. Day seven was Sunday. On Sunday you are either supposed to rest or do a stretch routine. A friend of mine was in from out-of-town so I didn’t find the time to do the stretching. Monday was Chest and Back again. Still pretty tough to do with the wrist, but I managed it. In only one week my performance on nearly every exercise improved. I realize this is probably due to my body becoming familiar with the exercises and not actual strength gains, but I feel good about it either way. Day 9 was today. It was plyometrics again (the mother). I moved to a different space in my house to do this one because it requires more space than I have have in my room. I managed to get it done and do a load of laundry. Just call me multi-task man. I am off to dinner. Tonight I will run 2.6 miles (intervals) and maybe play volleyball (because of the wrist it is a game-time decision). Toodles.