Today’s workout was the “Kenpo X” routine. It is very similar to other fitness workouts that use pseudo-martial arts techniques (e.g., tae bo). I didn’t find that this workout challenged me as much as the other cardio workouts (yoga and plyometrics). It was fun though. One thing I like about the program as a whole is that you spend a lot of time focusing on stretching and working out your hamstrings. Mine seem to be perpetually tight and my right hamstring often gives me trouble because of an old injury that I keep re-aggravating.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rest day. Alternatively I can choose to do the stretch-x routine. Given that I am just starting the program and I am not that gassed yet, I think I will probably elect to do the stretching routine (if time permits).


Food: the usual

Supplements: the usual

Activities: Long run (8.3 Miles)