I am assuming most people who use the internet are familiar with google. And if you are familiar with google you are familiar with its auto-complete function — that sometimes annoying, often helpful feature that tries to complete your search term for you. David McCandless at Information is Beautiful posted this funny and sad graphic in his four infographic morsels no.5 comparing the most popular auto-complete search terms “how do I get my girlfriend to…” and “how do I get my boyfriend to…” The size of the font and arrow indicates the popularity of the search term.

As you can see, Mr. McCandless used the program web seer to create this graphic. I decided to try my hand at it as well:

Confusion on the interweb? Here’s another using one of my favorite auto-complete examples. This time I compared basically the same phrase but only changed the last word (I could do this all day):

Sex, drugs, and...eggs?The possibilities are seemingly endless. If you have any fun suggestions please pass them along.